Where to next?

Now that I’ve posted about that whacky Aunt Matilda, where to next? There’s only 2 other people commenting with Nathanael irregularly chipping in. There’s obviously not much enthusiasm from you guys for me to continue dry humping this book in this page-at-a-time fashion, so I’ll throw it open to you. Put in the comments of this bull what you’d like to do next. If you’ve got a part of the book you’re itching to discuss and want to jump to that, that’s fine with me. Or if you want to introduce another book, article or anything that’s fine, too. Comment away…

7 thoughts on “Where to next?

  1. Chris Fellows (@cfellows65536)

    If you are up to getting stuck in to Lennox’s “anthropic principle” arguments (about 25% in) I will happily cheer along. đŸ™‚

    More broadly, I would love you to go beyond “pointing out why it is a bad book” and take up the challenge of outlining your own worldview and its core axioms as a broader riposte to theism as you see it.

  2. Marco

    We tend to enjoy books that validate our own views rather than ones that challenge them. I wouldn’t mind looking at chapter 5. I do not think the issue of evolution in Science is settled at all, even though theism doesn’t really have anything useful to offer as a counter.

  3. Marco

    Say, page 95 of 206 38%, “.. Most of us were brought up to believe that questioning standard wisdom was one of the most important ways in which science grows”

    I agree with Lennoxes sentiment that the standard evolutionary synthesis needs to be questioned, but that it should be question from a naturalistic angle. There is plenty of evidence( sadly, not proof) that standard evolutionary synthesis is dated and doesn’t explain enough.

  4. Nathanael

    Or anything where Lennox references the supernatural or supernaturalism. See over on Aunt Matilda’s cake stream for a blog post I came across recently.


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