(Almost) Noah Here Get’s Out Alive

I don’t usually watch previews, but with Noah I thought I’d make an exception as I know the story pretty well already. I really just wanted to see if it’s worth my money to see it on the big screen.

After watching the preview I’ve gotta say I’m pretty excited to see Noah. I really enjoyed Black Swan. What a creepy little film it was. And between the Hollywood bombast of the trailer, which has obviously been cut by nervous executives who spunk as much CG-porn as they can to convince teenagers that Noah really is a cool story, there looks to be enough weird shit happening to keep fans of Aronofsky happy, too. Early reports of some Christians railing against the film will only add to the interest in it.

And really, it can’t be any worse than that other flood movie from a few years ago, 2012. Bring on the Deluge, I say.

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