This is a preview for the game Dark Souls. I’ve been playing quite a bit of Dark Souls lately, and as the comments on the original YouTube site attest, it’s probably the best game I’ve ever played. You die, die, die, die die and then die… You keep dying until you learn how not to die. The enemies, even when you’ve levelled up, are tough and remorseless. Many one-shot you. And if they don’t, then there are traps that do, poison that wears you down, and bleeding that saps your strength. Almost no one is your friend, and the few friends that you do meet in the game are probably only your friend because you bring them what they want to trade for.

That thing is souls. Everything you kill has souls. You pocket the souls you mine from your enemies’ corpses and try to get them back to someone who’ll give you something more substantial for them. Either that or you consume them yourself to level up. The world of Dark Souls turns on souls.

The thing is, if souls were real, they’d hold currency in our world, too. Someone would have found a way to rip them from their owners, and learnt how to exploit them. Dark Souls wouldn’t be a fantasy RPG, it’d be our world, too.

Lucky they’re not real.

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