Yesterday’s video showed a truly fantastic world. In Dark Souls the supernatural is real to the point where it is a technology. Sorcery, miracles and pyromancy are no different to a longsword or lantern as tools that perform an expected function. The supernatural world portrayed by the Bible is akin to the magic of Dark Souls in that it permeated the ancient world, it was powerful and it was reliable.

That’s quite unlike the supernatural in our modern world, which has been all but superseded by science. For those who do believe in the supernatural the evidence put forward is either lumped together with the unexplainable or indistinguishable from everyday occurrences. Levi is one of those who doesn’t believe we live in a mundane world. At 4:53 he claims that he has seen God do great things “I’ve seen babies raised from the dead. I’ve seen storms dissipate. I’ve seen people with headaches, just gone. That’s little stuff.”

Storms (yes, plural) that have dissipated and headaches (yes, plural) that have just gone hardly seem like the work of the supernatural, but I wasn’t there so maybe they were pretty amazing events. I suppose that as he’s seen these each happen more than once it pushes them a little further into the realm of the supernatural. But Babies (yes, plural) coming back from the dead, now that’s a little more Dark Souls like.

But the real kicker is the last part of the quote, “That’s little stuff.” I’d love to hear what Levi has seen that is more worthy as proof than babies coming back from the dead. Resurrection, it’s so passée.

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