Stick with me and that title will make more sense. I didn’t say actual sense, just more.

2014 has been a pretty good year for bible films with both Noah and Son of God doing well in first release. Noah was especially interesting on paper, as someone was willing to bankroll a Darren Aronofsky film based on a bible story to an estimated $120 million. And it’s not over yet for the faithful as December will see Exodus: Gods and Kings with Ridley Scott in the director’s chair.

Before seeing Prometheus I would’ve been excited to see this. But after, not so much. Prometheus was awful to scientists, but it was particularly awful to the faithful. Probably much of this came from Damon Lindelof’s script. Lindelof, whose most well-known work is on the excellent TV series Lost, was out of his depth here. Lost‘s catch-bag of nonsense science and nonsense faith worked because it was doled out over 6 season, so you had a week between stories and months between seasons to forget how precariously it all hung together. But Prometheus only had a couple of hours, so couldn’t spend any time easing you into the gobbledygook. Not long in the audience has to make a decision on whether to give up on coherence and just sit back and enjoy it, or not. I couldn’t.

But Scott has made many a great film, so one bad one about faith shouldn’t really be sufficient to dampen my… faith… in him. What does is that plus the other evidence how faith seems to be becoming a pet project for him. Here‘s where Scott talks about the Space Jesus backstory of Prometheus, that while they ended up jettisoning as an explicit explanation, still implicitly informed the film. Space Jesus. Part of me is intrigued by the idea of Space Jesus and also happy to learn that cocaine is still the recreational drug of choice in Tinsel Town. But the other part has seen what Prometheus ended up as and so thinks WTF were you thinking.

And then there’s his other work related to faith. 2013 saw him directing a mini-series on the Vatican, next year he’s the executive producer on a series about the life of Jesus, and he’s producer on a movie about the life of the biblical David which doesn’t seem to have a date for it. And then there’s the announced Prometheus sequel… oh, boy. I see its scriptwriter, a Michael Green, has the atrocious Green Lantern on his resume. Green Lantern was so bad that the best that could be said about it was that the 3D was very good.

Still, I suppose a few Coronas followed by some rum and cokes before entering the theatre and 3D Space Jesus meditating on the nature of why. we. believe. while fighting Sinestro might even be entertaining. It’ll definitely make more sense than any Transformers film to date.

3 thoughts on “3D SPACE JESUS AHOY!!!

  1. Chris Fellows (@cfellows65536)

    I have been called a contrarian, and have learned to wear the label with pride, but there is no way I will be drawn into a defense of Prometheus. Never, Ever. Not going to happen.

    And the rash of big-budget bible films leaves me cold. My wish list for big-budget CGI extravaganzas is topped by Larry Niven’s Ringworld. I *would* like to see a Lars von Trier style film of the book of Job which is just one long take of a bunch of guys standing around a rubbish heap talking in Hebrew. Maybe it exists, hmm. Off to google…

  2. winstoninabox Post author

    Did you follow the link to the Scott interview? After rereading it I’m kinda starting to think he was just taking the piss and started making up stuff just to see if it’d get printed. And it did.


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