A Clone Again (naturally)

Seventies crooner Gilbert O’Sullivan’s secret is out. He has enlisted the dark arts, otherwise known as science, to clone himself. Here’s a picture of his ungodly spawn.


It’s Tim Minchin, otherwise known as the hardest working man in atheism. If you need more evidence than the two pictures above which show the astounding likeness between them, then there’s this. WordPress’s dictionary doesn’t accept Minchin as a word. That’s right, I can see a red squiggly line under Minchin, proof positive that he’s not of Creation. WordPress’s dictionary strangely doesn’t acknowledge ‘WordPress’ either, but that’s probably a false positive or some other such highly technical bobbins.

One thought on “A Clone Again (naturally)

  1. Chris Fellows (@cfellows65536)

    I watched his graduation speech at UWA the other day, which I quite liked except the baseless equation of ‘ruinously expensive sentimental gestures to save the Earth’ with ‘science’ at one point.

    But the question I couldn’t help asking was, how is his ideology going to fare against an ideology that confidently asserts there *is* meaning? Because we humans have a hunger for meaning.


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