Human Universe

Sorry not to have done much recently. Real life, you know.

Interesting article. I’m sure Marco and Dr. Clam will enjoy.

If I ever have time to myself I’m keen to write about my experience reading the Gospels.

Will have to see what can be done.

2 thoughts on “Exceptional

  1. Marco

    The meme still permeates subconscious minds everywhere, reinforced by the popular parodies such as that which shows the gradual transition from monkey to man becoming upright.
    It still bugs me that abiogenesis is seen as a ladder by virtually the whole scientific establishment when there is really no evidence for what is the precedent for life as we know it. I have always imagined that when we find evidence for the precedents, the process will be no more a ladder than evolution is.
    I am very excited in the current comet rendezvous 67p c-g, and the “too lucky to be a random coincidence” siding spring comet flyby. These will shed some light on the matter.


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