Matthew 2: 19 – 23

Just five verses this time, but even though they’re short in length they’re still loaded down with two more dreams for Joseph and yet another prophecy fulfilled. Unfortunately, the advice from the angel sent to bring the trio back from Egypt is a repeat of the star that sent the Magi first to Jerusalem and then to Bethlehem for no good reason. This time the angel first sends Joseph, Mary and Jesus to one place which turns out to be too hot because Archelaus who was Herod’s son ruled nearby, and so they are sent to Nazareth in Galilee… in order to fulfill another prophecy. Yep, same old shtick. Same old criticisms. Surely God could have sent them straight to Nazareth. Surely God could have had a less self-serving reason to do so. This brings us to the end of Matthew 2.

Coincidentally, today I watched Cars 2 again, this time with my ten-year-old nephew who had never seen it before. He really enjoyed it, and not surprisingly made no criticisms about its bad plot. It is after all aimed at children who aren’t so perceptive about such things. I’m tempted to draw a long bow with this and what natonoel said the other day about the children of early Christians systematically memorizing texts. For the sake of sheer speculation and also the need to write about things other than Matthew’s poor story, I’ll throw into the sorting hat of hypotheses that Matthew is extremely short in length, haphazard with plot and devoid of characters with realistic adult emotions or reactions to the supernatural for the purpose of making it easy for children to memorize. In the future when you read that idea in the Harvard Theological Review, remember that you read it here first.

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