Denial Of Oneself

I like Dr William Craig Lane. With his appearance and his voice, he seems like the kindly sort who’d read stories to an enraptured group of kids. In this instance it’s not a group of kids, but he’s still delivering  a story.

Philosophizing like this reminds me of role players discussing a problem with the magic system in an RPG  that they are very passionate about. Everyone wants it to work smoothly, but within the haphazard ball of string of theory that they’ve woven, there are threads which the more are pulled at, just make less sense. This happens because it’s a man-made system rather than a natural one. The creators of the theory couldn’t envisage every problem that the theory would have, and so what worked at the start within a small group of people, gradually unravels as more people test it under different circumstances. In short, the playtesting wasn’t, and in the case of religious theory can never be, sufficient.

It’s a hard watch to see believers unable to understand even the basics of what they claim is reality. As one says at 21:43, “It’s just so hard to, in a human mind, to try to capture the reality of the Trinity without any help, if you will… a way to envision it.” That there is no observable evidence for what they are trying to have a unified,  coherent, and rigorous theory of should be enough reason for that quoted believer to take a second to think about how this is solely an exercise in everyone coming to the same opinion.

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