Little “l” Atheists

While most of this article is a good read, its implied connection of atheism to liberal values is misleading. Yes, I suppose many atheists do have liberal values, but the article doesn’t make it clear enough that being an atheist has nothing to do with LGBT rights, marriage equality, abortion, or any other such topic. Atheists don’t believe in the supernatural or divine beings. That’s the only thing you need to avow to sign up as a member of the club. You don’t even need to have this belief because of a belief in science. However, it is rather hard to defend it without recourse to science. But with that last sentence I’m starting to commit the same error I’m complaining of, so I’d better leave it at that on that point.

In fact, I’d say one of the struggles for atheism in gaining acceptance is separating itself from this perception that it’s aligned with liberal values. There are probably many conservatives who question the reality of the sky daddy, but who balk at considering why they have those questions because atheism seems like disguised liberalism. If you’re reading this then I hope that you’ll understand that atheism is open to all who have given up on divine solutions.

4 thoughts on “Little “l” Atheists

  1. Travis

    A really great point. I’d love it if the American conservative movement could really focus on secular issues and be more inclusive of atheists. I still wouldn’t be involved, but it would make for a more diverse and accepting political process. Liberal does not equate to atheist and vice versa.

  2. jonolan

    Most of the atheists that Americans are unfortunate enough to hear from are less atheist or in addition to being atheist very anti-Christian. Hence, they seem to gravitate towards positions that are against Christian values, which includes a large portion of the modern liberal ideology.

    Frankly, I don’t see that changing any time soon and, as such, there’s little reason for the GOP to do anything to reach out to this minority. It would be a treason against a much larger base who’ve long supported them.

    1. winstoninabox Post author

      I agree that there are too many atheists who take an anti-Christian stance. Getting a point across without stepping over into just being contrary is not an easy line to walk when one is in opposition to a perceived majority. I suppose it’s not so much that a political party reaches out to a particular minority, but that the individual members be true to what they believe in and treat respectfully those that believe different.


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