Mad Marex: Furry Read

An article to remind yourself that there’s always someone worse off than yourself. Poor Harris Marex is assaulted on all sides by nasty atheists wielding logic and reason. Fortunately, he’s got the Internet at his fingertips, and the Internet will let you publish anything. Chock full of generalizations, negative stereotypes, and just poor science, Mr. Marex sees atheism as the nemesis of theism. But like many such authors, he assumes Christianity is the default other position. Or maybe he’s Catholic? Whatever. He’s certainly not a follower of that other big mob, the Muslims. As you’ll see, he doesn’t even allude to them when he should, so probably doesn’t even think of them as being in opposition to atheism.

I particularly love this gem about Thomas Henry Huxley, Sigmund Freud and Friedrich Nietzsche:

They all had cruel and domineering fathers suffered extreme shyness, depression and obsessive fears. Therefore, they made it their work to destroy God, who to them was a symbol of their fathers.

With “therefore”, was their decline into atheism unavoidable? Are we to believe that there are no theists who suffered such trials? How do you explain theists who did suffer the same problems? Why am I putting more thought into this than the article’s author?

Unsurprisingly, there’s not one good example for anything. What is the “false reasoning” atheists use? What is the “pedantic language” atheists use? Why isn’t any evidence supplied for the link between the much higher suicide rates of “atheist countries” and Catholic countries? Since Mr. Marex can’t be bothered to list one country in either of those groups, it’s hard to disagree with him on this point. But it’s equally hard to agree. He doesn’t even look at the suicide rates of non-Catholic theist countries. After all, maybe it’s a belief in the wrong god that’s causing people to top themselves? Or maybe it’s a lack of cable TV services in those atheist countries? With no evidence presented, it’s very difficult to bother devoting even a few seconds of contemplation to Mr. Marex’s… opinions.

But Mr. Marex is not one to let a lack of evidence get in the way of creating facts. Finally, if “the reality of God” is evident, then wheel him out Mr. Marex and let’s have a look. Probably, my questioning him on this point is another example of the false reasoning Mr. Marex deplores. After all, “His existence is not debatable”.

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