The Delusion Delusion

This article is a look back at The God Delusion on its 10th anniversary. I’d make more comments, but if you read the comments under the article itself you’ll get the idea. I’d just like to point out to Mr. Taggart that he’s mistaken that questioning what or who came before God is an empty question. Especially since I know that The Flying Spaghetti Monster existed prior to God, and in fact created Him. I present an equal amount of evidence for this assertion as Mr. Taggart is able to marshal for his own.

4 thoughts on “The Delusion Delusion

  1. Marco Parigi

    Hi Winston, I don’t have any particular comment on this particular look at the Delusion, but I am still confused on the point that I do not identify with this or any particular form of Atheism, but by the pure definition of atheism I am atheist. I of course have plenty of criticisms of the book (done to death in my own blog) in terms of the culture of triumphalism of science (I see science failing on every ground except engineering stuff) and his implication of dangers of “God belief” (in of itself being wildly exaggerated in his book) over the dangers of “non-God belief”.

    1. winstoninabox Post author

      I’m not sure what you mean by “form of Atheism”. Atheism is the disbelief in gods or the supernatural. It doesn’t matter why one does, merely that they do.
      Maybe you’re talking about the different reasons why one is an atheist?

  2. Marco Parigi

    Hi Winston, No. I am not talking about different reasons why someone is an atheist, but atheism as something that someone can identify as being rather than something that one is by the definition of the word.

    For instance I would say that you identify with atheism because a lot of the delusion book rings true to you separate from the fact that you do not believe in God. While for me, every argument made in the book makes me angry as it is (without exception, I believe) misplaced idealism, and yet by your tried and true back to first principles definition, I am no less atheist than you are.

    Perhaps the reason I am atheist is only because my parents were and for no other reason. I don’t know – Perhaps you are atheist as a reaction against what you were taught in your formative years. It is the culture that the Delusion book appears to me to represent is what I despise – not the fact that Dawkins or anyone else does not believe in God, nor the reasons why.

    1. winstoninabox Post author

      It seems to me that to be a theist at some point one accepts a lesser standard for evidence than that person would normally accept. This allows them to believe in a line of argument that otherwise wouldn’t work. Gods seem to allow special cases where black is white, or every reading, even contradictory ones, of a situation are acceptable as proof.

      I don’t mean that atheists don’t do these things, for we all have situations that cause our power to be rigorous in reasoning to fail. Just that theists’ trigger for this is their god.


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