B Ark

This article is another amusing piece.

It may come as a surprise that I agree that Answers in Genesis should be allowed participation in the tax incentive. Here’s why:

  1. The world needs more publicly funded religious-themed tourist traps that are a scandal in waiting. It’s proof that the Devil exists.
  2. Unless these views are put out into the public, it’s hard to refute them. Nothing says ‘Not Science – Magic!’ like a giant boat filled with every animal floating on the world covered with water.
  3. Unless these groups are given some recognition, they will continue to play the persecution card. It’s hard to claim you’re being picked on by those nasty secularists when you’ve been given millions in public money.
  4. It opens the door for other religions to utilize the same tax incentive for whatever religious monstrosity it is that they want to build. That’s great, because the only thing that makes these people’s blood boil more than atheists having a victory, is non-Christian theists having one.

Schools should take kids on science excursions to Answers in Genesis’s theme parks. If they don’t ridicule AiG, I’m confident kids are smart enough to realize that AiG is making claims equivalent to Xmas presents coming not from parents, but Santa Claus.

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