Being Liberal In Moderation

I’m torn over this article. Yes, those politicians who espouse Christian values but spend their time hand-wringing against marriage equality rather than tackling far more important issues should take a long hard look at what they value. But viewpoints like this:

Christian churches are largely complicit with this. With the outstanding exception of Quakers, most Christian denominations have a pretty shocking, no, scandalous history of prurient obsessiveness with sex and sexuality, while sailing blithely by the far more urgent questions of poverty, violence, exploitation and racial and gender inequality. How recently was it that women won the vote, that slavery was outlawed or child labour? And how fiercely did good Christians fight against those changes in the name of tradition?

do a disservice to what Christians organizations have achieved. Yes, Christian denominations really do seem concerned with sex far more than is warranted. But no, they don’t just sail blithely by those more urgent questions. Although atheists may not like how or why they do it, many Christian organizations do devote resources to those causes. When criticizing them it’s important to be precise in what is being criticized, while still giving them credit where credit is due. I wish Ms. Dowwrick had taken a more moderate tone with her criticisms, and acknowledged that Christian organizations, like them or not, have had a positive impact in many areas of society.

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