Gotta Catchism ‘Em All

Much lamenting from Dr Greg that Catholic kids are being lost to atheism. He’d like to believe in labels like stupid of smart that can be applied to atheism or Catholicism, or by extension those who believe in them. I think he’s missing the point.

There are plenty of smart, devout Catholics. And I’m sure there are enough dumb atheists to go around. But unlike Dr Greg, I don’t think people are drawn to any kind of religion because of the evidence for the religion. He thinks “intellectual formation in the form of good catechesis is also critical.  The second component of a “stupid” faith is the inability to explain why we believe what we do.” But there is no good explanation for why you believe what you do. If there were, we’d all believe. I doubt many people have difficulty following the arguments Catholics put forward, they’re just not convinced by them as much as they used to be. Welcome to 2016 where the Internet gives you access to all kinds of information and opinions within seconds. There’s a marketplace of ideas where it would appear Catholicism isn’t keeping up.

Dr Greg’s explanation for this is that kids aren’t being evangelized enough, or correctly, or something. If only they had a personal relationship with Jesus, it’d all make sense… It’s back to the greatest word coined in English this century – truthiness. If only those wannabe Catholic kids could feel the truthiness of Catholicism, then catechism would all make sense. Much more sense than there being no god at all.

Also interesting is that it’s atheism, and not another religion, which is to blame. He’s no explanation for why kids aren’t turning to a belief in a different god, or even just a different version of his god, which is what you might expect if there’s a grain of truthiness for them to munch on.

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