Why You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About

This article is yet another puff piece on the evils of not believing in Christianity. Light on anything but opinion, it’s old ground. So let’s mine it for just a few talking points:

Atheists try not to think about the question: “Why is there something rather than nothing?” Atheism has no rational answer to this fundamental question, and even considering the question has the potential to chip away at the beliefs of an atheist.
Of course atheists think about this, it’s just that whatever the “rational” answer really is, we’re pretty confident that it’s not a “magical” being.
In addition, the theory of atheism has no explanation for the development of the human mind, and no logical rationale as to why man chooses to believe in a deity.
Atheism isn’t about these questions. It’d be like asking a Christian why there’s no hot pink M&Ms, then saying Christianity is DOA because it can’t provide an answer.
For example, why do more and more people accept Christ as Savior?
If “more and more” means a “greater percentage of the world’s population”, then people aren’t flocking to Christianity. Right now Christians make up about 34% of the world’s population, which is the highest it’s going to be for the foreseeable future. Islam is rapidly catching up, with it expected to exceed Christianity around 2070. Basically, a faith that began almost 14 centuries after Christianity has almost the same number of adherents. Christianity has had two millennium, but hasn’t even convinced most of the world’s population, with its high-water mark being about one-third.
Why does the message of the risen Savior continue to be trusted by millions of people based on the evidence at the scene of the crime 2,000 years ago? Shouldn’t naturalism have dominated and destroyed Christian faith long ago?
The real question is Dan, shouldn’t Christianity have dominated and destroyed all other faiths long ago?
The man who refuses to trust God is a man who assumes he can trust his own senses and opinions.
Billions of people drive cars. To do so they have to trust in not only their their own senses and opinions, but the senses and opinions of others. If so many are willing to risk their lives every day doing this, I’m pretty sure we can handle debating whether magical, non-observable beings exist based on those same senses and opinions.
Atheism is dead on arrival because it places absolute trust in a worldview that is based on accidents.
Atheism doesn’t place trust in a worldview based on accidents, but let’s assume it does. Why is that so bad? We exist. We live. We love. We have hopes. We have dreams. We create. We die. We do these thing no matter the persuasion of our faith. The only thing Christianity can bring to the table is life after death, which is a promise based on a belief in the supernatural. It’s magic beans.

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