This article by Hancen Sale is pretty hopeful in its depiction of god. Obviously, he’s searching for a god who is good, god who has our best interests at heart even though we live in a world where it’s so easy to find horror and evil.

Hancen himself admits his version of god is a weak theology, but I’m not sure he realizes how weak it is. He finishes:

God is what affirms that we have been thrown into the world which is already running and we spend our whole lives trying to keep up, only to be told there is no finish line. Perhaps there may be some finish line, — even so, it is far enough away to evade sight — so it is in our best interest to stop, take a look around and embrace the ambiguity that surrounds us.

That ambiguity is God — the essence that there is more and even though we cannot see it coming, it must be there.

If a god is not an interventionist god, then the god is no god at all. And once that god intervenes, then we may judge the fitness of its actions. Of course, there are those who say that a god’s actions are beyond reproach, but then we may as well say that there is no good or evil, only that which we have been divinely instructed to do. If you’re a theist, then before you disagree with my last sentence, check your scripture for times when your god has commanded us to do what we would otherwise define as evil. Even though I only need one example to be correct, I’m pretty sure that there a more than a few in whichever holy book it is you follow.

So I would ask Sale to likewise check his scripture to see how much his god has intervened in earthly affairs. He should come up with a reason for why a god which was once so active now gets relegated to the status of an amorphous ambiguity.

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