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Creation By Design

This article is… different. Martin Kentish seems to be another selective science denier who can’t see the irony that science is only wrong when it’s conflicting with his worldview. He’s surrounded by science that works, but when it comes to scrutinizing biblical claims, science stops working. By the way, I’m not saying that right here and now all science is correct, but that it’s curious how it always isn’t when Kentish needs it to be wrong.

Also, he fails to criticize his worldview very much at all.

Dogs, cats and humans share similar characteristics. They all have eyes, a brain, ears, femurs, backbones etc. To a naturalist, this is evidence of common descent. To a Biblical creationist, this is evidence of a common designer.

See, if there’s common descent, we’d expect similar characteristics. But if there’s a common designer, especially one of the unlimited ability that Kentish’s god has, then there’s no reason to expect that designer to design exactly like common descent would. Yet, instead of us living in a world where our pets are 3-legged flying blind ears, we live in a world where they are cats and dogs. It bears thinking about.