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Hollow Men

This article explains why Trump continues to have support from misguided conservative Christians. Trump has zero belief in Christianity, and merely mouths Christian platitudes for the votes they bring. His high-profile Christian supporters should know better, but as their moral compass is already broken, it’s not surprising that they’re spinning in circles.

Except for the expectation that it’s men that should lead families, church and nation, I like the backhanded finish:

Christian right people used to be some of our culture’s leading advocates for a restoration of sound character in America. Character counts, they said. We need to fight all those forces that corrode our culture and cheapen human life, they said. We need men of strong, Christ-like character to lead our families, churches, and nation, they said.

Oh well.


Everybody Wants To Be Like Mike

I like Mike. He seems to be in his happy place. It’s not a place I want to be in. Still, at least he’s promoting the message that people hold their views for a reason, and we have to acknowledge that when we talk to them as atheists. You’re not going to logic someone out of a belief in the supernatural, so don’t even try.Theists have their beliefs because of something beyond logic, beyond evidence. When we evangelize them, we have to listen to and respect them as people first.